Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Microsoft Dynamics & the Wave "14" Launch – Helping our Customers Become Dynamic Businesses

Last Modified 5/19/2010
Posted 11/18/2009

The "Dynamic Business" is Microsoft's vision of companies who are able to continuously evolve and transform themselves to face changes and challenges in their business environment. Some of these challenges will be economic, others may be organizational, or require changes to the ways companies operate, or interact within a wider value chain. Such challenges will require companies to use software to optimize their people, their processes, and their ecosystem.

The goal of Microsoft Dynamics is to help our customers become dynamic businesses through empowering their people to be more productive, simplifying their business processes so they can be more agile, and through enabling seamless connections with their ecosystem. Achieving this goal requires more than just a Microsoft Dynamics business solution - it also requires a business productivity infrastructure that works hand-in-hand with the business solution, and provides many of the capabilities on which the business solution relies.

Microsoft Dynamics is built to run on Microsoft's IT infrastructure – including the business productivity software that is used by hundreds of millions of information workers every day: Microsoft Office and Microsoft SharePoint Server. Both have advanced significantly over the last 10 years, enabling improved collaboration, communication, insights and productivity across the business. And Microsoft Dynamics has taken advantage of these advances through:

  • Adopting SharePoint Server as the standard portal and collaboration infrastructure
  • Recognizing the importance of Microsoft Outlook as the communications hub around which people spend much of their day
  • Delivering business intelligence to the masses via Microsoft® Excel.

The latest version of Microsoft's business productivity infrastructure - and the two key components of the Wave "14" Launch - are Microsoft Office® 2010 and SharePoint® Server 2010. Both are currently in public beta, and are planned for release in the first half of 2010, at which time we expect all Microsoft Dynamics® ERP and Microsoft Dynamics® CRM products to be certified to run on them.

Available Microsoft Dynamics + Wave "14" Resources

The resources below will help you and your colleagues understand and evangelize how Microsoft Dynamics business applications, together with Microsoft's business productivity infrastructure, can help our customers evolve into Dynamic Businesses.