Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Getting Ready for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012


This guide has been published by Microsoft at partner source and Customersource. You would need login access to download it. I have tried to post an extract of the same.


The purpose of this guide is to provide an overview of the readiness program that is being developed to support the release of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. It is intended to provide information that can be used prior to the release of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 in the preparation of skills development plans. It includes information about training and resources that are planned and currently available with the details subject to change as we progress towards the release date.

This guide along with many other resources, including role-based learning plans, will be posted on PartnerSource and will be updated throughout the release cycle. Future releases will include details of the sales and marketing readiness, the service offerings that will be available to help prepare partners for this release and details of tools designed to accelerate the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 skills.

The Microsoft Dynamics team is very excited about the potential for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and is looking forward to working with you as we progress towards the release.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 "What's New Series": There are 4 courses being released in April providing an overview of what's new in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. It is intended these courses provide a high level introduction to the features and functionality of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and form part of the learning plan for your developers, technical and application consultants. Deeper details are covered in the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 documentation and the Microsoft Dynamics Partner Technical Services: Product Release Training. Training content will be available in April. Please check with your local subsidiary for scheduled classes.

Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a comprehensive business management solution for large and mid-sized enterprises that includes industry capabilities for distribution, manufacturing, service industries, retail, and public sector.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is the next release of Microsoft Dynamics AX and defines a new generation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions with significant enhancements to the architecture helping partners to bring solutions to the market faster, lowering product life cycle investments and expanding market opportunity.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 represents a generational shift in ERP technology. It features a model-driven layered architecture, unified natural models and offers productivity and familiarity by design. The solution includes new features and capabilities built on the Microsoft application platform technology stack. The components of the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 solution are shown here.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Readiness Resources

Below are the links and resources where readiness content will be made available to help you prepare for the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 release. Please continue to check these sites for the latest information as they become available.

PartnerSource resources

  • Getting Ready for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 – Readiness Site

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX Product Site

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Launch Portal (coming soon!)

  • Microsoft Dynamics Partner Academy

  • Microsoft Dynamics Role-Based Learning Plans

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX Solution Center

Microsoft Partner Network

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX Role Based Learning Plans

  • Microsoft Partner Learning Center

Microsoft TechNet

  • http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd362025.aspx


  • http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics/ax/default.aspx

Microsoft Learning

  • http://www.microsoft.com/learning/en/us/default.aspx

Regional Sites

  • PartnerSource North America Microsoft Dynamics AX site

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