Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dynamics AX, Financial Statements, Row Definition Calculation Expression:

Financial Statements Designer of Microsoft Dynamics AX provided very flexible functionality to design any kind of complex formula related reports. For example at some financial reports, CFO's like to see the percentages of Cost to Sales or Expenses to net profit etc……


Consider the following sample profit & Loss

Sales                                      1000

COGS                                    700


Profit                                     300


Cost Percentage               70%    (formula is (COGS/Sales)*100)

Profit percentage            30%       

Above requirement can be created in Dynamics AX Row definition calculation Expression like this

Formula Expression #1/#2*100

#1=row number 1

#2 = row number 2

In row designed you can simply drag and drop all those elements to calculation area, for which you want to create formula expression. See picture….

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