Monday, January 4, 2010

Microsoft Windows® SharePoint® Services

Microsoft DynamicsTM AX Integration Scenarios

In an effort to help companies improve efficiencies through enhanced communication and collaboration, Microsoft recently developed 30 applications for Microsoft Windows® SharePoint® Services. These applications were tailored to address the requirements of specific business processes (the link to these applications can be found in the "Relevant Resources" section). In addition, the applications served as a starting point for partners and developers to build deeper Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services solutions. This white paper, which is presented as a follow up to the 30 applications for Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services, details three different scenarios showcasing how a company could benefit from integrating these applications with back-end Microsoft Dynamics AX data. Each scenario is further split into three distinct benefit categories: View Microsoft Dynamics AX Data via Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services, Update Microsoft Dynamics AX Data via Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services, and Collaborate in Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services then Upload Data to Microsoft Dynamics AX. An overview of each scenario is presented below. The companies described in these scenarios are purely fictional. The functionality showcased is also fictional and is intended to illustrate potential application capabilities.


Scenario 1:

RFP Management – Description


As part of its ongoing business operations, Adventure Works submits numerous RFPs to a variety of vendors and consulting firms. Managing the RFP process has been a challenge in terms of selecting the right vendors and managing vendor responses. The recent launch of a Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services site that is tightly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX, Adventure Works' back-end data management system, has streamlined vendor selection and improved management of RFP responses.

Business Value

Many business management solutions (where vendor information is typically stored) require extensive training for a user to comfortably find the information they need. As a result, even with access to the back-end system or business management solution, occasional users of the application must often ask the Information Technology (IT) department for assistance in extracting information. By integrating the Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services

application with an organization's business management solution, even complex supply chain related data can be viewed and updated via the Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services application. In this scenario, an Operations Manager wants to submit an RFP to vendors that have transacted business with his company in the past. Thanks to the integrated Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services site, the manager can find the information he needs without accessing the business management solution. This allows him to quickly find vendor candidates and allows his team members to collaborate on reviewing RFP responses.

View Microsoft Dynamics AX Data via Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services

Jeff Hay is the Operations Manager at Adventure Works. He has been unhappy with the vendor that currently supplies mini light bulbs used in almost all the products that Adventure Works manufactures. He has decided to review other vendors that the company has transacted business with in the past and wants to submit a request for proposal (RFP) to five of these vendors. Adventure Works has always kept a vendor scorecard in Microsoft Dynamics AX to rate vendor performance. The scorecard is represented by a field added to the vendor record as

part of Microsoft Dynamics AX customization. Although Jeff has access to Microsoft Dynamics AX, he is not a power user of the software and does not regularly access it. His primary work environment is a collaboration site based on Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services.

Jeff would benefit from accessing Microsoft Dynamics AX information through this easy-to-use collaboration site, rather than being forced to learn a complex ERP package. This would also eliminate the need to "application hop" between two different applications to accomplish one task.


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