Monday, January 4, 2010

Influence Future Microsoft Dynamics Solutions and Updates

The mission of the Microsoft Dynamics Partner Research Councils (PRC) is to:

Enhance Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV global product strategy and development decisions with structured research and feedback
Investigate new segments
Understand business drivers
Validate previous assumptions
Prioritize approach, processes, and features
Support case studies and value propositions.
How The Councils Work

Partner Interaction with Microsoft
All interaction is direct with the people setting the strategy roadmap and building the Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV products
All research projects (written and oral) will be conducted in English

Value to Members
Directly influence the future design and capabilities of your Microsoft Dynamics solution/implementation
Gain understanding about the Microsoft Dynamics roadmap and develop your IT and business plans accordingly
Interact with a variety of peers at events and Live Meetings giving you deeper insight into best practices

We Stay in Touch
Regular newsletter sent to members on select project results
Updates on future Council activities and known projects
Who Can Participate

Participation is voluntary and open to all who are interested in providing constructive product feedback
Surveys (typically online), roundtables, phone interviews, Live Meeting, focus groups, site visits
Annually, more than 100 focus groups/roundtables and more than 25 field surveys are run, plus many Live Meetings, site visits and phone interviews
Typical roundtable runs 60-90 minutes, surveys average 5-15 minutes
Audience targeting, where possible (e.g. industry, geography, role, technical experience, application area, business process, etc.)

Invite-only Board Meetings
Special gathering of select council members
In-depth discussions on variety of product development topics
Special guest executive speakers
Future direction discussion
Limited participation capacity based on first-response
How Members Make an Impact

Collected input makes an impact
Can change functional direction of a feature area/business process
Open avenue for changing solution roadmap plans
Influence development/test scenarios
Describe necessary channel and support enhancements

Feedback is Confidential
No personal information from members is shared (except when explicitly stated we can contact you for specific topic follow-up)
Results are expressed in aggregate form
Mutual protection of privacy and confidentiality are expected of all participants
Join the Partner Research Councils Today
You can help shape up future Microsoft Dynamics solutions, too. To become member of the Microsoft Dynamics Partner Research Councils, please contact: for the Microsoft Dynamics AX PRC for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV PRC

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